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Accounting & Taxation Outsourcing:

“You take the credit , we process the debit”.

Accounting & Taxation has become a backbone for any industry today , where the management and deployment of resources becomes a real pain , if not programmed in a good manner.

With the combination of advanced systems , efficient business processes , having good quality of business culture allow you to concentrate on core business of your company by outsourcing Accounting , taxation , statutory compliances and etc.

Why you should outsource your accounting to one of the best accounting , auditing and finance professionals?

  • We help you to save your cost through outsourcing and change the process of statutory accounting, tax compliance and payroll to one that is less time consuming.
  • Minimising the risk of insufficient knowledge of tax regulations and accounting standards.
  • Assistance in tax saving , through proper tax planning.
  • Supporting the business with an effective communication and providing information which are vital for  decision making.
  • Providing our clients with a single point of contact under one roof ensuring access to a wide range of our expertise and service.
  • Good Quality services with affordable price tag , since we grow with startups.
  • Customisation of every service , according the business specific needs.
  • Assistance during statutory audit.
  • Conducting internal audit every quarter , or depending upon the business.

Some of the major services provided by us:

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Statutory Filing
  • Internal Audit
  • Stock Audit
  • On-Site skilled Professional Accountant ( Full time/Half Time).

Types of Industry Specific Services provided by us:

  • Accounting for Corporates
  • Accounting for Society
  • Accounting for Hospitality Sector
  • Accounting for IT Companies
  • Accounting for Restaurants
  • Accounting for Real Estate and etc.

Some of the Detailed Services Provided by us :

Accounting :

  • Ensuring the accounting entries are being passed as per the accounting standards.
  • Updating the Account payables/Receivables on a Weekly/Daily basis.
  • Maintenance of Fixed Asset register along with Depreciation .
  • Managing & updation of MIS , Financial Records , Financial Statements and etc.
  • Can manage on any type of ERP’s , including Tally , SAP , Oracle , Quick Books and etc.
  • A dedicated accounting professional would be available for the delivery of the services.

Taxation :

  • Ensuring the accounting books are kept as per the income tax act .
  • Assistance in tax planning /Tax saving.
  • Maintenance of Taxation related books for startups.
  • Maintenance of Share capital Register , to provide an edge to the investors.
  • Advisory services in terms of Managing the share percentage to the investors.

Statutory Filing :

  • Ensuring all the TDS is paid and filed upto the due date.
  • Ensuring the GST Returns are filed .
  • Ensuring all the other statutory returns are filed and upto date.

“We believe in turning vision into value , trusting you to count on us , since we work with you , not for you”.

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